37 thoughts on “Just Some Snapshots 3”

  1. Very unique specimens, Koji – and beautiful, but I hope Forest Gump doesn’t try to sell those shrimp – I don’t think they taste all that great! O_o

      1. Ok… You win. You made me feel so sorry for you that I’ll make you all the desserts when you visit. Mom, too! Just don’t bring along that pesky Mr. N. Flu Enza dude with you.

    1. I can’t take any credit, Judy. The succulents grow right alongside my driveway…in my neighbor’s yard. He’s got the green thumb. I kill everything. But the orange flower, the redbuds and the (overgrown) basil are mine. They are survivors! lol (You know, I swear I replied to all of these… Hmmm.)

    1. Well, you should also have stuff blooming, Debra… At least as long as Darwin doesn’t eat them up! As for my son… Well, the craze has died off for the moment. He’s not doing well in school, either. 😦

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