When America – and the Press – Was Supporting Our Troops 100%


This was from a time when the entire nation was 100% behind our troops…  even our media.

March 1942… here in southern California.

She, an aspiring starlet named Marilyn Hare, was determined to kiss 10,000 soldiers in early 1942 and while doing so, boost morale…  Not only for the troops facing an uncertain future but the country.  At this time, the news was filled with the conquests of the Japanese military in the Pacific.  The Doolittle Raid and the Battle of the Coral Sea would not happen until the following month.

Times have changed yet our young are still sent to war.

For the uplifting photo series of this kissing wonder in LIFE, please click here.

15 thoughts on “When America – and the Press – Was Supporting Our Troops 100%”

  1. I was a high school teenager during the war, from 1941 to l945, and I remember well how everybody pitched in to do something for the war effort. I spent a couple of summers serving at a hospital for servicemen. We had rationing and food stamp books. The country was strongly united, people of all ages pitched in.

    1. Thank you for your visit. I read about your friend who passed away at 92 but comments were closed, it seems. Very nicely written tribute, ma’am.

      Indeed, that time in our country’s history was most remarkable. Although the was as it involved the US ended in about three and a half years, it was a time when the country had one goal: to be victorious. My friends’ parents were not as old as mine so they were largely spared the rationing… but the war touched all. And thank you for donating part of your youth to help our servicemen in the hospital.

    1. I agree, Linda. Being attacked on our own soil should bring the country together as it did on 9/11. But I, too, have deep questions about our leaders at this time. I feel for our boots on the ground if they must adhere to the current leadership’s views and restrictions on actual combat. Many of our military may become casualties needlessly.

  2. I did not know this Koji! What a great fact to know. She was a cutie too. The English Professor makes the point too – Everyone was behind our guys!

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