A Saturday in SoCal

A wordless post.

Well, almost.


So what happens on a beautiful weekend in SoCal?

Picked up the wall portrait of my kids from Alan Miyatake of Toyo Miyatake Studios.
This appears to be an artistic rendition of one of Alan’s photographs of Ms. Condoleezza Rice?
The famous grandfather of Alan, Toyo Miyatake.

Went to visit dad…  The workers there told me he’s not eating much as of late.  He only had a small salad with a little bit of chicken for lunch.  When I asked him if he was hungry, he said no but when I showed him one of his favorite Japanese treats, he went to town.

Number one.



There goes number two!


Number three down the hatch!


He’s happy now. 🙂  And he did finish the last ball.IMG_0102

Took him one of Alan’s 8×10’s…labeled.  He’s 94 now.


My bud Brian drove down from Reno for St. Paddy’s Day weekend – no better excuse to share a stogie together!


Played around with my new Canon SX260 HS point and shoot camera.  Never had one that I can remember but it was fun to shoot with.

Superior close up capability.


Hand held.  Look at the detail… Not bad for a shaky ol’ fart?







I’m keeping an eye on all of you! Who’s got Visine?

Fish eye setting…



My neighbor’s new son, Gabriel.  The father is USAF…  I pray for his safe return always.aIMG_0168

And finally, these were for me.  Like father, like son!  LOL


28 thoughts on “A Saturday in SoCal”

  1. I am sure your neighbor appreciates your prayers. And your dad looks fantastic. The picture with the labels was brilliant and beautiful!!

    I expect we’ll see more pictures now??

  2. Terrific post. Your father’s facial expressions show exactly how he’s feeling at that moment. (eg. Don’t bother me while I’m eating & Here’s my lovely family) You are doing great with your photography, my pictures show that I’m a shaky old fart.

    1. LOL! Thank you for your compliments; greatly appreciated… That little camera was fun. I’ve only shot with SLRs/DSLRs so looking at a little screen is hard to get used to (versus looking through a viewfinder). Let’s see more from you!

  3. Loved the visine shot… and the flowers. That was one huge cigar. Looks like your dad was enjoying his eats but may have been a little testy about being photographed in the process. (grin)

  4. What an expressive face your father has – his grin is contagious. I hope the staff at the facility will follow your example and try to entice him to eat more with foods that tickle his fancy. Lovely work with the new camera!

  5. I enjoyed the photos, especially of your father going to town on those treats. You really can take some nice pictures!

    1. Well, thanks, amishcreek… and I did peek at your growing vegies from the remaining roots/stalks. I do the green onion in the yard but didn’t know about the onion. Cool experiment and documentation!

  6. great photos – it was nice spending Saturday with you! 😉 And I have to agree you dad looks great – must be from having such a good positive attitude all of his life.

  7. Great to see you too Koji! Hayden still talks about the “Orange Hot Rod Mustang”. Thanks again for the Stogies, and keep in touch for Hot August Nights in Reno!

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