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Explored on FLICKR

Although not an indicator of quality, my macro shot of a lily got selected for “Explore” on FLICKR.  It was one of 500 “interesting” photos of May 2nd and FLICKR states over 1.4 million photos are uploaded daily worldwide.

There have been over 11,500 views of the picture so far in 24 hours.  That’s a REAL high volume for me.

Sure wish that many would read my blog. I’ll even settle for a paltry 10,000 views a month. 😜

Surrounded - EXPLORED May 2, 2014

Please click on image for larger view on FLICKR.

OK. I’ve finished bragging.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

First of all, a thank you to Cee from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for selecting my shadow pictures as some of her faves last week!

And she selected flowers as the subject for her Fun Foto Challenge of this week:

A Fushcia in the morning.
An overgrown basil plant flowering. I keep a supply of basil growing for cooking.


Just Some Snapshots 4

Well, it was Bloggus Interruptus once again as my kids were with me this past week.  Now that they are again with their mom, it is eerily quiet.  I don’t know if that is good or bad.

Here’s some more snapshots from around the house; I hope one will brighten your day!


Just practicing.
Marvin the Martian’s improved, all natural Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator. Bugs Bunny would have been proud.
Two little buggers have moved in.


A Smoldering Butt

Just thought that was a catchy title…albeit a bit misleading like our media.  Just a tad misleading…’cuz the butt’s the other end.

I guess the news guys are finally rubbing off on me after all.


But as I watched my kids and their friends play in the front, I felt like playing around with my new, fancy-schmancy Canon point and shoot – specifically hand held close-ups of the business end of a nice cigar.

It was amazing that an inexpensive camera such as this could take such equally amazing (yuk to some!) close-ups:




I did switch to my standard Canon DSLR to snap these fun snapshots of my kids.  Little Brooke likes the distortion that erupts with this Canon 10-22mm lens…although a certain pro photographer buddy of mine will likely BBQ me over a slow but hot flame for using it.