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The Eighth Marines – Guadalcanal

Brave young American men, all of them were. An excellent inisight on the fight for Guadalacanal, undernourished and ill, yet still went into combat against the strong willed Japanese army and navy. Heroes all.

Fix Bayonets!


The U. S. Marine Corps is part of the naval service organized under the Secretary of the Navy.  Since the American Revolution, the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps have maintained a close relationship.  In the days of sail, U. S. Marine Detachments served aboard Navy ships as sharpshooters, gunners, shipboard security, and as a landing force.  Shipboard Marines served the ship’s captain and received their orders through their detachment commander, whose rank depended on the size of the ship.  The Navy and Marine Corps have a long history of conducting expeditionary operations at sea and on foreign shore in furtherance of United States foreign policy, noting that the Navy-Marine Corps do not make foreign policy; they implement it.

Over these many years, the Navy and Marine Corps developed a distinct naval culture that based on their shared operational experiences, while at the same time…

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With my WWII history blogs, some feel I am sympathetic towards the Japanese offensive military actions of that time. To the contrary, I am but presenting facts from buried history. Certainly, propaganda from both sides of the Pacific and family losses understandably have a tremendous influence on individuals.

We all know what today is – December 7th… a day which will live in infamy as FDR said. Yet, there are many forgotten or unknown behind the scenes history.

The Eight Women on The Wall: Nurses Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice


Your Stories. Your Wall.

The names of eight women, all nurses (seven from the Army and one from the Air Force), are inscribed next to their fallen brothers on The Wall in Washington, D.C.

BkFyoVUCIAAuANZ (L to R: 1st. Lt. Hedwig Orlowski, 2nd Lt. Carol Drazba, 1st. Lt.Sharon Lane, Capt. Mary Klinker, Capt. Eleanor Alexander, 2nd Lt. Elizabeth Jones, 2nd Lt. Pamela Donovan, LTC Annie Graham)

Each dedicated themselves to taking care of the wounded and dying.

See their faces and remember their names. These are their stories.

1st Lt. Sharon Ann Lane of Canton, Ohio.


1st Lieutenant Sharon Ann Lane, U.S. Army was killed by a rocket explosion on June 8, 1969, less than 10 weeks after she arrived in Vietnam. Assigned to the 312th Evacuation Hospital, 1LT Lane was working in the Vietnamese ward of the hospital when the rocket exploded, killing her and her patients. She was from Ohio and her name can be…

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